• Emma Jacques

Feeling Tired During Stress?

What is stress?

At a basic level stress is a situation or event that put pressure on us. Stress can have complex effects on our emotional and physical well-being. A lot of stress activates the defense of the central nervous system which creates our bodies to believe that we are in danger. As a result of this, usually, our flight or fight response is triggered and often this enables our bodies to stay alert and defend ourselves against whatever we are perceiving as the 'attacker', it doesn't matter if the attacker is a valid threat or not, our bodies will react; whether it be your partner arguing with you or your boss giving you a disciplinary and you are panicking that you could lose your job, your brain and body usually experience a state of hypervigillance in order to protect yourself.

Sleep And Stress

But why do some people experience sleepiness or the need to have a nap right after a stressful or traumatic event? sleep gives our body the time to heal and rejuvenate, it can also heal the mind; giving our mind the time to process our emotional memories. Oftentimes stress can be caused by an overload of emotional experiences and therefore your mind may be asking for some immediate time to get processing and time to weaken those emotional memories connected to the event your brain didn't enjoy. Sleep is a wonderful and healing thing and I recommend you get some at any point you can!

Whichever way stress manifests itself for you, a great and simple way to handle things when they feel too much is to meditate. Our minds are lacking reasonable judgement during stress or anxiety and it can expand the perception of what the stressor situation is actually asking of us. If you can give yourself a small space of time to try and clear your mind and calm your body, you may find that the demands you're finding yourself under by the stresses may seem a lot smaller during your calm and rational judgement.

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