• Emma Jacques

Is counselling just talking?

I have heard numerous ideas about what counselling looks like and every therapist has a different way of doing things; here is an insight into what I provide. I work a lot with the unconscious mind; 95 percent of brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness, so it's helpful to use creative tools to delve into the root of our problems that may be hidden from our consciousness. Such as guided visualisations and art therapies.

When we are in a state of anxiety or depression we are in high emotional arousal, during that state it is nearly impossible to think clearly or create positive ways of thinking. Emma can help clients get into a state of calm, where they are more likely to receive positive ideas. Our thoughts create feelings and if we aren't in a calm enough state to change our thoughts we can't change our feelings.

Our minds also can not differentiate between imagination and reality so I can guide clients into relaxed trance like states whereby I speak mostly to the unconscious mind, and offer them experiences to motivate them, reframe life circumstances and instigate changes in behaviour. Once someone is aware of what they really want in life and unconsciously what is preventing this, we can give them a glimpse using their imagination into how it feels to have that life; they can develop the thoughts, align with the feelings and work on the behaviour towards achieving it.

I also offer somatic experiencing techniques for people suffering with complex trauma and PTSD giving people insight into how the mind/body communication system works. Proving ways to change the feelings connected to the memories and traumas. Trauma goes beyond the cognitive understanding of what has happened, our bodies hold memories and we don't physically release a traumatic event like a wild animal does (hence why they don't experience PTSD and domesticated animals do.) We end up in a permenant state of survival-brain, hyper focused and expecting threat constantly. There is an undeniable connection between body and mind, the body can hold onto trauma unless it is given the resources to let go of it.

I also add mindfulness teachings to most of my sessions so the client can take home practical learnings about how to calm their state of mind and be more attuned with their body.

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