• Emma Jacques

What Can Counselling Do For Me?

Quite often people misjudge or get misinformed about what counselling is, you've maybe heard horror stories from people who haven't had a good relationship with their counsellor. Or people can simply just not know what counselling is about (apart from the dramatised versions on tv.)

What Counselling is Private sessions with a trained professional who has probably heard and experienced a lot 'worse' than you are fearful of bringing into the room. It is a great place to get impartial, non-judgmental and congruent help with any life difficulties. A counsellor is experienced in recognising unhelpful patterns and unconscious processes, they can bring this to your attention in a safe way. Counselling is about helping you understand complex feelings and aid you in gaining emotional intelligence with awareness and coping mechanisms. Sometimes in this hectic society we need to slow down for a moment in order to speed up; The most effective humans are those who know how to slow their pace and be with themselves so they can mindfully make choices about their life without reacting under the pressure of a chaotic mind.

What Counselling is Not

Counselling is not an advice giving service. It is not about diagnosing and labeling. It is not a magic wand for all your problems; the client and counsellor work together to explore the inner processes of your mind and potentially create change for healthier ways of dealing with things, but this often takes work and that can be taxing and intense. However, emotional and personal growth is the outcome and is something to be cherished as the mind is extremely important and should be kept healthy. “Happiness can be achieved through training the mind.” — Dalai Lama Benefits of Counselling

  • feeling heard

  • ability to set boundaries

  • stress relief

  • trauma resolution

  • self confidence

  • regaining emotional balance

  • self-awareness

Counselling can help you make sense of the past, develop healthier relationships, learn to value yourself and enjoy your life more. Discover why you behave in certain ways that didn't make sense to you can be extremely relieving, as it can be a scary prospect if we do not understand ourselves and the things we choose to do, you can then begin to accept and even love yourself. You can start to notice your thoughts, recognise irrational and unhelpful ones and equip yourself with the tool box to manage them; therefore, feeling much more in control of your own mind.

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